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Psilocydia is the first public database for Psilocybe cubensis genetic information.

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About our reports

Psilocydia strain reports show the results of mapping sequence data to the most complete and comprehensive Psilocybe cubensis reference genome, MGC-MH-2018, and includes:

  • Tables comparing samples to other strains in the Psilocydia database.
  • Blockchain Digital Stamping Certificates showing your strain's genetics were submitted to the DASH blockchain to establish prior art.
  • Information on high-impact variants found in genes of interest:
    • Psilocybin synthase
    • Psilosin synthase

Additional benefits of publishing to Psilocydia

Protect your IP with Dash

The Dash Blockchain provides irrefutable proof of existence time stamps for a given strain. The proof is replicated on a global cryptographically protected ledger. Protect your cultivar before someone else does!

Demonstrate quality to consumers

A QR code that links to your strain’s Psilocydia page can be used at the point of sale as a way for consumers to access additional information about your strain.

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